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Amazing shearing table - you NEED this.

Gently used Tortara Grove shearing table

Price: $1,500.00

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Order by Phone: 951-845-9729

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You've gotta pick this bad boy up. It breaks down to fit nicely into a van or pickup truck.

Product Specs

  • You load a standing alpaca, close the blue restraint, tilt the table to horizontal. Ropes (included) are used to tie the legs then the blue pad/restraint is lifted so you can access the alpaca.

Product Description

Love this shearing table, superior to any other similar product. Sturdy and dependable. Not just for shearing... medical procedures, etc. It is easy to load and unload alpacas from the table and they are well-restrained so you can do what you need. You need this.

This table has seen very little use (we have two of them). Sadly they are no longer manufactured so available tables are few and far between.

There are NO WHEELS on this particular table.