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20 years of experience!

AVC news for Spring 2017

We've got lots of exciting things happening at Alpacas del Valle Cereza. We recently purchased a gorgeous new herdsire - Rockstar's Hendrix XX. He is arriving in a few days (written March 14, 2017). We have mature black females sired by our Mr. Cash and Kodiak for Hendrix to serve. Thanks very much to Janus Alpacas and Aspen Alpaca Company for making him available to us.

We sold our interest in Kodiak to our partners Kate Giorgi and Brenda Weber. We wish you both every success.

Amazing new cria here as of the end of 2016.

Kodiak's three daughters: Persnickety, Amanda and Ursa cleaned house at the 2015 Alpacafest West show. The girls placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the same class and won the Championship and Reserve Championship in their category. The group went on to take Get of Sire for their dad and they were 1st in Breeder's Best Group of Three.

Our handsome Mr. Cash is also the sire of Champions. His gorgeous daughter, AVC Rana's California Drea

The new kid - Rockstar's Hendrix XX
SG Mr. Cash

AVC Snow Hawke

We are back at it... bringing entertaining and informational seminars to alpaca breeders and hopefuls. Here's some info on our upcoming event:

Success is the Product of Design, Not Luck

Join us on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 to Learn How to Design
Your Successful Alpaca Breeding Program.

Do you know your haploids from your diploids? Do you think linked traits are a new fashion trend? Are you of the opinion that incomplete codominance is a failed social experiment? Is Gregor Mendel the myopic alter ego of a superhero, or maybe Charles Darwin was the original Executive Producer for the now famous Darwin Awards Competition? If none of this makes sense to you but you want to breed better alpacas, then come to the Alpacas del Valle Cereza seminar:

Introduction to Genetics and Alpaca Breeding Programs.*

*9 out of 10 past participants saw a significant reduction in the heterozygosity of their alpaca herd after attending this seminar. ?? (See glossary below)

Topics covered include:

*Genetics for beginners.
*Define your breeding goals.
*Evaluating your herd.
*Types of breeding programs
*Fiber Histograms and EPDs - What are they and why they matter.
*And more!

Presented by Lisa Shimeld, M.S.

20 years in Alpacas, 30 years of teaching Biology, Genetics and Microbiology

Certified Livestock Appraiser, Retired AOBA Alpaca Judge

Saturday, April 29, 2017
10:00 am - 1:00pm

Alpacas del Valle Cereza in Cherry Valley, CA

$25.00/participant includes course materials, snacks and lunch.


Alpacas del Valle Cereza: Doing Black Right!

December 2016: We have three exciting crias, two sired by Kodiak and one by Mr. Cash. Keep an eye on their listings to see how they develop.

This is breeding season at AVC. Kodiak is servicing six of our females and Mr. Cash has two.

2014 Update

We have taken another leap of faith and we will have a great crop of crias early in 2014. We have an impressive selection of great females bred to the amazing Mr. Cash and the fabulous Kodiak. We also have some Mr. Cash crias that will knock your socks off. Snow Hawke continues to breed and his offspring compete on a level playing ground at shows with cria sired by younger males.

Alpacas del Valle is dedicated to the long-term success of the alpaca industry. Our newest crop of crias is the best ever and is the result of 18 years of experience.

Our goal is to produce conformationally correct alpacas with exceptional fleeces. Those fleeces will exhibit positive atributes including fineness, density, uniformity, brightness and a soft handle. While we do not measure our overall success by our performance in the show ring, we do belive show success is ONE indicator of positive results. The AOBA judging system has produced exceptionally well-educated and trained judges and a fair playing field for competition. As we are fond of telling visit

12 months same as cash with a 20% deposit on the purchase of alpacas priced $3,000.00 or more. Talk to us about other options. We would be happy to discuss terms on the purchase of breedings. We accept Visa and Mastercard and BitCoin. Well, kidding about the BitCoin but it did sound cool, huh?